Workshops for Children & Young Adults

Peter James Bach

The White Bear Foundation is dedicated to Peter James Bach and was created to honour Peter’s extraordinary nature. He was a generous listener, an active humanitarian, and a loyal team player. From a young age, Peter did everything he could to help and support others, and to dedicate his life to making the world a better place.

All profits from the sale of Peter’s science fiction novel The Strange Adventures of Charles P Dalwell will be donated to the White Bear Foundation in order to further the Foundation’s important work.

The Mission

The White Bear Foundation focuses on working with children and young adults to build up their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience in the years leading to secondary school.

The foundation’s programs provide leadership weekend workshops and presentations tailored to suit children, families, parents and schools. The leadership workshops are held in a fun and safe environment which provides young people with the self-management tools to deal with the ups and downs of the high school years and beyond.

Maria Bach

Founder & CEO

Maria Bach - Founder

With over thirty-five years experience working closely with young people and adults in a teaching, personal development and leadership role, whether coaching individuals or groups of varying size, Maria gets results. She continues to have an impressive, diverse and deep-rooted career in personal development, leadership and coaching. As a parent and professional development coach, Maria believes it is vital for effective communication and support to begin at home.

After the tragic loss of Maria’s second child, Peter, in July 2012, she vowed to utilise her skills and experience to help other young people and their families — and to do this in Peter’s honour. “If I can save one other family the pain of losing a child I will have achieved my outcome,” says Maria.

As the founder of the White Bear Foundation, Maria aims to educate communities by providing workshops and presentations for young people, parents and schools. Participants will learn effective communication, leadership and lessons in life skills with an emphasis in building self-esteem and confidence.

The white bear adopted by the Foundation symbolises Peter’s gentle, intelligent and courageous nature; as well as his great sense of humour, strength and leadership qualities.

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