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The White Bear Foundation offers tailored workshops for young people, parents and schools. Participants learn how to communicate effectively with their parents, family and friends. Children will discover their own unique gifts, inner strengths and personal abilities.

The workshops, run throughout the year, are designed for children aged seven to twelve years. The children play games in a safe, fun-filled environment where we focus on building self-esteem and confidence. This provides them with the self-management tools to deal with the ups and downs of the high school years and beyond. The children complete their workbook and learn effective communication, social and leadership skills. The weekend is inspiring, energising and builds confidence.

The foundation does not discriminate. The children may come from an environment where they have been bullied, have low self-esteem and lack confidence. Some are Indigenous children, or are from a refugee background, low income families or have single parents, and some are foster children.

We also encourage attendance from children who are leaders in their school. They come to the workshops to develop their leadership skills further and return to school to inspire other children. Some children struggle academically and feel uncomfortable in class; however, at these non-threatening workshops they feel comfortable and secure.

The workshop is a safe environment for all the children. They are not judged and they feel relaxed enough to ask and answer questions. Children at the workshop are all equal — regardless of their age or background. There is a no bullying policy and they are taught how to deal with bullying at school. As you’ll know, there is a strong focus in schools to educate children against bullying — and with luck and strength — to stop it.

Our children, known as Cubs, are invited to return to the workshops where they transition from being Cubs to Leader Cubs and then Senior Leader Cubs. At this final level they are coached on their leadership skills and encouraged to make a difference in supporting the community.

Our hope for the future is to reduce the high incidence of suicide — one of the biggest killers of our children.

At the weekend workshops we realise identifying and putting a stop to bullying is important. It is critical to prepare children to be more resilient in life.

The White Bear Foundation offers tailored workshops for children. These are conducted in a friendly, fun-filled and safe environment over two consecutive days. The workshops focus on building self-worth and confidence through games, talks, and activities.

Participants learn how to deal with challenging situations both in and out of school, and how to communicate with their family and friends. In the workshops, emphasis will is placed on leadership, tolerance and respect for self and others. Children will discover their own unique gifts, inner strengths and personal abilities. This is why our motto is ‘discover your self’.

The White Bear Foundation is dedicated to providing innovative programs for children. The weekend workshop will include learning skills on:

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Core Values

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Effective Communication

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Learning Resilience

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Lessons In Life

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Teamwork/ Team Building

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Dealing With Bullying

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