Support us and have some fun at the same time


Maria Bach, Founder of the White Bear Foundation, is currently hiking the Bibbulmun Track which is 1,005km. This will take approximately 6 1/2 weeks and carrying up to 21kg. Maria has undertaken this challenge to create awareness for the foundation. The money raised goes towards making a difference in our children’s lives. For as little as a $30 donation you can sponsor a child to attend our workshops where they will learn how to become more resilient. It is Maria’s intention to walk the 1,005km, and asking where possible to please sponsor the walk or spread the word to make a difference in a child’s life. You can also keep up to date with Maria’s updates below. 
DAY 1: Departure from Albany 
UPDATE: 70.5km
End of day 4 and tonight we are at Nullaki camp site. So far we have travelled 70.5km. We have had the sun rain and wind. Started out quite hot from Albany although it has now turned cooler which is more pleasant for hiking. For the first three days we saw 8 tiger and dugite snakes which are to be kept away from. The breath taking views just keep coming as well as the difference in fauna and flora. Must admit the first few days have taken a while to get use to carrying a heavy pack, although I am starting to get more use to it. Yesterday we did 6km on the beach and crossed an inlet and was thankful for the training I have done in the sand. The campsites are very welcoming and as there are not many people coming through I have taken the opportunity to put my tent up inside. Last night was an extremely heavy storm and strong wind and I would have been washed out if I had been outside. Enjoying life on the track. Tomorrow night we are in Denmark, hot shower and bed what a luxury.
End of day 10 and now completed 210km. For 9 of those days we have walked close to the beach with magnificent views, going up and down sand dunes or for many km’s on the beach. Today has taken us into the forest which has been a lovely change. We have hiked up to 34km a day which has been challenging and experienced storms and strong winds at night or walked through the rain during the day. The magnificent flora and fauna has been fascinating. It has been strenuous although a lot of fun and it seems every corner has another breathing view or something interesting worth taking a picture.
UPDATE: 352km
Day 17 and 352km covered, 1/3 of the track completed. The hike has been amazing covering breath taking views and different vegetation. I must admit after roughly 200km of beach and sand dunes I am glad to now leave that behind for the forrest with the huge Karri and Jarrah trees. It has been tough especially the over 30km days with a heavy pack although track fitness has improved and other than nursing a blister that is slowly healing I am grateful that there is nothing else health wise to report. The huts where we sleep at night are all in very good condition and now that the weather is getting cooler it is lovely to be able to sit around a fire when we come into camp at the end of the day. Thank you for all of your support which is greatly appreciated. The hardest part of the day is usually the last hour coming into camp which seems to never end. Moral is high and even better after having our first rest day off today in Northcliffe since we started.
I am delighted to have ADFA Rowing Club conduct a 24 hour continuous team row to raise funds for the White Bear Foundation and support my efforts on the 1005km Bibbulmun hike. It was also a great opportunity for ADFA to educate the wider Academy on the foundation, and reflect on Peter’s impact on the club and the Academy.At the completion of the 24hours, the cadets rowed 330,788 metres and raised a total of $865.00. Thank you very much ADFA Rowing the money you raised goes towards making a difference in the lives of children.
UPDATE: 502km
Half way of the hike completed 502 km of the 1004km, yeah. Have had a wonderful scenic hike since the last post through Timberton, Beedleup district with the pine, Jarrah and Karri trees that seem to reach the clouds and go on for ever. I have noticed that my energy is slowing down so am trying to keep the food intake up with the amount of hiking we are doing. This is probably going to be one of the biggest challengers. Weather this morning was around 7 degrees so toes and fingers were very cold to start with. Looking forward to our second day off in Collie in about 6 days. Thank you for all of your on going support.


UPDATE: 663km
Completed 663/1005km and have now arrived at Collie for our 2nd rest day since we commenced. It certainly has been well earned and looked forward to, not to mention great for my feet to have a rest. I am staying at the Black Diamond Lodge which I thoroughly recommend, welcoming management and well laid out facilities.
The last section has been lovely walking through the forrest some small hills although mostly flat which has been a nice change. We have seen a variety of different trees although more Jarrah and in some sections pine as well as the stunning Balga bushes, and the Snottygobble trees. The weather has turned quite cold the last few nights and I have appreciated crawling into my -2 sleeping bag.


UPDATE: 794km
Day 37 arrived at Dwellingup today for our third rest day. We have now completed 794/1005km and have our last section ahead of us which is 8 days 211km of which 4 of the days are between 31 to 35km. This will be one of the toughest sections so a rest day in Dwellingup is great preparation for the next week. We look forward to the next 8 days of more amazing scenery and adventure.


UPDATE: 906km
Day 43 and 906/1005km complete. Three and a half days left, we finish on Saturday 12/6 with approximately 100km to go. It has been hard going since leaving Dwellingup with most of our days double hutting amd tomorrow triple where the days are in the 30+km plus. Today we crossed Mt Cooke and two other large hills one being Sullivan’s Rock. Great views but of a bit of a rock scramble, but worth it for the great views and variation. Weather is now cold and windy, so nice to hibernate in my tent early at camp. Here are some photos since Dwellingup.
UPDATE: 1005km
Final day 1005/1005km Bibbulmun Track completed 47 days. A very full last week, glad to be finished this incredible track what an extraordinary life changing experience. Thank you to everyone for your support, advice, and care whilst on the track. I have met some amazing people over the last 6 1/2 weeks on the track. Here are some pics of the last week.