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Book Testimonials

The foresight Peter had in writing this novel was engaging, and very reflective as to his thoughts of the universe as a whole. I do so recommend reading these adventures; I guarantee for sure any reader would find themselves thinking, as I did, we knew some of these characters from our own personal journeys in our own life.

Marlene Hindson


What you hold in your hands is the greatest work of a very talented young writer. It’s the world’s loss that none of us will be able to read any more of his works. Pete was a generous and sympathetic young man who had empathy, wisdom and understanding of the inner machinations of people far greater than someone of his twenty-two years.

Sabrina Smithers


Peter was interested in what makes mankind tick. In this story – you can read it as just that, or look more deeply into the philosophy behind it. There are many historical references and Pete tips his lid to men he found inspirational.

Margie Riley


The Strange Adventures of Charles P Dalwell appeals to a diverse demographic through the use of compelling characters, imaginative narrative and audaciously hidden messages throughout. I often found myself transfixed in another universe, and was in utter fascination as to how the book would end.

Hugo Toovey

Workshop Testimonials

We would like to thank Maria Bach for creating such a fun, interactive and safe environment. We are amazed and so thrilled about the positive progression our daughter has shown in every area of her daily life. She went to the first White Bear Workshop 3 years ago as a very shy young girl however later she was beaming, interacting and excited. Since then she has gone from strength to strength.

Lea & Warren Philp


At the workshops our son learnt important life and leadership skills. He now sets goals, is focussed and intentional, fully grasps all the opportunities that life has to offer and wants to live life at a high level.

Alex & Bettina Dungworth